Hi, I’m Clinton, a Personal Development Coach for Human Potential. I specialize in helping clients form a dependable lifestyle foundation through the use of A Living System™. The foundation is a requirement before building any structure, and the same principle applies to the life you want to live. 

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The IamClintFit Movement™ is a cause dedicated towards helping people reach their human potential through the use of  A Living System™, a 7 module system based on 7 strategic fundamentals that help individuals build a sustainable lifestyle, with the freedom for growth.

Focused on changing the world by leading its people and reshaping the culture.​, the IamClintFit Movement™ is here to help create a community of leaders and a culture where compassion is at the core of humanity.
The modules in A Living System™ are:

“I’ve always had a passion for teaching and I’ve discovered there are 7 key areas to every person’s life. Through my ventures, I’ve developed a 7 module system called A Living System™The benefit of my system is the versatility behind its approach, where each adjustment caters to the individual client and makes long lasting improvements that lead to fuller, more satisfying lives.” – Clinton N. Downs