A Sense of Direction

Goals are one of the single most important, non-tangible things an adult can have in life. Having a goal or goals gives you a sense of direction and meaning. Albeit, goals don't just give you purpose and result in material and inanimate rewards but rather they bring about psychological income. You see, it's not about getting the actual car or house or  job, it's the ability and achievement that got you there that is most rewarding.

Have you ever heard of "bragging rights"? More often than not, bragging rights are the ascendancy of a person over another, typically from the victory of some type of challenge or contest. You might be asking yourself, "What do bragging rights have to do with goals?" Well, I'll tell you.

All of us battle ourselves. There's the old saying, "We are our own worst enemy" and that's because of self doubt, negative self talk, self imposed inhibitions, and fear. The majority of people talk themselves out of great ideas each and every day. Too many people tell themselves that they're just simply not good enough to make the cut. This is untrue most of the time. Each of us have tremendous amounts of potential and greatness within ourselves that just needs to be unleashed.

Having a goal for our ideas is like having a map to a treasure. You know the treasure is out there, you know it can be found, but if you don't have the map you don't know how to get to it. The same goes with goals. If you don't have goals, you have no direction in life and you may work very hard, and not get anywhere. Having a goal set up with specificity gives you purpose behind all of your actions.

Reaching your goal will ultimately give you what you set out for, but in addition to that is psychological income. Psychological income are those bragging rights. That feeling of triumph, victory and the sense of ascendancy. Rising above obstacles, beating the odds, and most importantly, proving that little voice in your head that said you couldn't do it wrong.

The psychological income is always more valuable  than any monetary reward because it solidifies your confidence in your abilities and builds trust in yourself. So don't let those insignificant rants of negativity get in your way, you have a goal to achieve!

Stay Strong,

Clinton N. Downs

© 2017 ClintFit Consulting™

Published by A Living System

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