Autonomy is a HUGE component of A Living System and a crucial part to your mental health, overall well-being, and your life.

Autonomy, in regards to A Living System, is the independence and freedom to govern yourself. It's the empowering mechanism within you that makes executive decisions. You choose what you say, how you behave, how you react to the reality around you, and the most important part of your life: your course of action.

Today I chose to go down to the fitness center in the building I work in and do a quick workout. I didn't need to change clothes, shower, work up a sweat, nor did I have to drive anywhere. I simply walked down, kept waking past the cafe, and walked myself into the fitness center. I took off my

sweater and started working. It was a quick, simple upper body workout. I used all cable machines, no special equipment, just my body, the machines, and my autonomy to take charge of my time.

Make your choice and own it. Stop blaming extrinsic factors and take action. It's your choice to sit here and keep reading my column or to get up and start taking action towards your goals. Make your choice and own it.

Stay strong,

Clinton N. Downs

© 2017 ClintFit Consulting™

Published by A Living System

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