An Uneasy Vlog

I decided I wanted to give you a vlog. It was 08/28/2017 and the time was 8:13 PM ET on a Monday night. Our son was in bed and my wife was cuddled up with our daughter and I had a thought on how I had been feeling last month. It started when I fell behind on my writing back in July. I had this combination of content and complacency going on inside of me and it’s been a confusing state to be in. On one side of the coin, I feel compelled to push and strive for more. On the other, I look at what I’ve got and how far I’ve come, and I feel at ease. It’s the experience of two polar opposites occurring simultaneously that’s got me in a constraint. So while the flick of a thumb sends fate rotating into the air only to to make a decision based on chance, I’m left with one question: Why am I leaving my life up to a coin toss?

What I decided to do with this unique situation was to create a vlog. I’m overdue for a video on my YouTube Channel, Facebook, and Instagram, and I think my blog column deserves a little media in it. I spent a few days thinking this over so…

…without further ado, I present my first vlog ever.


Published by A Living System

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