A Moment To Remember

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2018 has been great so far and I owe this to my family first, and my mindset second.

My mindset has been about seeing the positive and comedy in everything. I’m still working on perfecting this but I’ve come a long way. A huge piece in perfecting this perspective has been to simply shut up, listen, observe, and learn. The less I post, the less I flap my gums, the more I read, and the more I consider, the better my outlook has become.

Like I said, a lot of my growth comes from my family. My wife often stops and says, “Just give me a hug and a kiss.” and I’m often so busy minded that I need those reminders to just slow it down and take it easy. My daughter, 10 months old, just looks at me and gives me a huge smile… melts my heart every time. Then, there’s my boy… My son knows exactly how to cheer me up. The other night, after showering the kids and bringing them to my son’s room to get their pajamas on, my daughter kept twisting herself to turn over while I was trying to put her diaper on while my son jumped around the bed. This is frustrating for me because I’m not short and I have to bend forward so much, it puts a huge strain on my back muscles. After a while of chasing my daughter around, my son squeezes in his comic relief by saying, “No jumping on the bed like a monkey!

Now, what really stopped me in my tracks was when I was finished dressing my daughter and I was trying to get his pajamas on for bed. He was non-stop-moving like he ants in his pants… and I hadn’t even gotten his pants on yet!! I asked him nicely several times to lay still so I could get his pajamas on and he continued to give me a run for my money. I finally said sternly, “Please stay still so I can get your pajamas on.” What he did next brought from level 8 right down to zero… I was crouched down, kneeling on his bed and he was standing, so we were roughly the same height, and he blew in my face a couple of time to get my attention. When I stopped and looked him in the face, he gently grabbed my cheekbones, smiled, and softly kissed me on my nose, then hopped away and continued jumping.

Instantaneously, he had shattered my adulthood into tiny pieces with joy and innocence, reminding me that “nothing is really that big of a deal“. Moments like these elicit me to stop taking life so seriously and just enjoy the time we have. These moments provide me with so many learning opportunities for personal growth beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. I used to think… correction… I used to believe it was vital for me to work extremely hard for endless amounts of hours, sacrifice any and all pleasure in my life, and relentlessly pursue success in the form of monetary value, and if I didn’t do these things and live in such a way, I would be doomed for failure in the eyes of America… Well, maybe in the eyes of the public culture where everyone on Instagram is a fitness champ and public figure, everyone is a business owner bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and everyone can show you how to be just like them! Seems nice and all… but I’ve got different plans.

My plan includes spending time with my family, learning to be a goofball with my kids at all opportunities, remembering to be a romantic towards my wife, staying in touch with my sisters and my good friends, having a couple of hobbies like rebuilding my motorcycle and sculpting play dough with my kids, and helping people with A Living System ™ by restoring hope in humanity. If I can create that automated online business selling digital products like I intend to, great! If not, I’ll work my day job and spend the rest of my time with my family. As long as when I lay on my death-bed I have beautiful memories to smile about and the ability to say, “I don’t regret a thing“, then it’ll all be worth it in the end. In the meantime, it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cuddling, story reading time, and bubble baths for this guy.

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“Here’s to family, love, and aspirations.” – Clinton

Stay Strong,

Clinton N. Downs

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