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Have you ever wanted to just disappear? Most people can say “yes” to this. For me, it’s not a constant feeling of wanting to run away, but something you just need some alone time. And as a parent, sometimes you just don’t get that opportunity (some of you know exactly what I mean).

Being a parent means you are on call every single second of every single day, even on your “days off” (as if those exist). Doing the dishes means your little one wants to come play with the water or your older ones have some dirty dishes to donate to the sink. Folding the clothes means your little one wants to “make a nest and lay in them” or your older one has some more clothes to wash, dry and fold. And going to the bathroom means your little one is coming with you, period. It’s simply a life of sharing at all times.

Is this a bad thing? Not at all. In fact, it’s a beautiful thing, and I feel very blessed to have my family. However, I have to be honest, every now and then I just want some uninterrupted time to do what I love to do or to do absolutely nothing. My wife and I reminisce of the days we used to go hiking, or go for a really good workout, and then go get some food and just enjoy the day. We still go hiking, try to workout, go get food and enjoy the day… the circumstances have just shifted a bit. Hiking means find a small hill near a park near a pizza shop that’s near home. “See, SAME SAME!” (as my 3 year old son would say).

I love my family and I wouldn’t change anything about us. As they say, “You can’t have joy without pain” and “Sunny days wouldn’t feel special without rain”, I appreciate my alone time much more when I think of how I felt the year before I met my wife. I had just turned 30 and I had this sense that it was time for a family. Now that I have one, I love my little chances of solitude, but love being with them even more.

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