The Little Things

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Most of us have experienced this before and some of us have these moments more often than others. These moments are the little things. The moments where something that seems common and unremarkable becomes undeniably precious. A seemingly normal instance is recognized as a extraordinary memory in real time. I’ve become better at stopping what I’m doing, calming my thoughts and enjoying these moments because these moments have undisputedly become what I live for.

These moments are different for everyone. For some, it can be watching children play. For others, it can be the proud moment after an intense workout. The commonality among these moments is the way they stand out to each of us. They’re memorable, they’re motivating, they’re meaningful, and most importantly they give purpose to life.

I want to hear about what little things make you stop and smile. Comment your moments below.

To help get you started, here’s a list of some of the little moments that captivate me each and every time they happen.

  1. My wife and I share this one. Our daughter is a pro at yelling out “YEAH” at the perfect moments. The other night, my wife and I were singing and dancing with our son while our daughter was sitting in her high chair eating. Our son had just finished a good string of lyrics and dance moves. As we finished praising him with cheers our daughter yells “YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH” to put the cherry on top of our Sunday shenanigans. It was downright flawless in timing and volume to compliment an already memorable moment. Which brings me to #2.
  2. Our son loves singing Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder” and the Kidz Bop version of Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk”. He’s getting so good, he’s almost got the entire first verse of each song. Regardless of the song, hearing him sing is a moment I always take to stop and listen. It often happens in the car commuting to and from work and school. But as we drive our lengthy way, he’ll sing different songs and I’ll smile instantly as I listen intently. My wife and I always look at each other and smile.
  3. Sunrises, the stars, and sunsets. Being on the East Coast, the sunrises are better than the sunsets for the most part. When my wife and I first met in person, we spent the night at the beach talking, stargazing, and watched the sunrise. It was a beautiful night and we’ve been together ever since.
    Stargazing has always fascinated me. I read and watch videos about myths, tales, stories of cultures, and how the stars have impacted cultural beliefs. I learned about constellations early on as a young child and I’ve never lost interest in them. Space, in general, is mesmerizing. It’s only an interest so I haven’t pursued a career in astronomy or astrophysics, but I love to watch videos and read articles about it.
  4. I love to brush my daughter’s hair. I’ll sit on the floor and she’ll sit right in front of me and let me brush away… and I love it.
  5. Landing a flawless Kendama attempt on all 3 cups and the pin. If you don’t know what a Kendama toy is, click here.
  6. I love getting in my zone. This is also known as “Flow” in positive psychology. I’ve always enjoyed this state of mind and I adopted the term “zone” after reading “The Talent Code” by author Daniel Coyle. It’s a fantastic read and it helped me understand my state of mind when I go into deep thought and concentration. For me, it’s one of my favorite mind states for creativity and productivity.
  7. Teaching someone something well enough for them to understand it, use it, and feel grateful. My sister use to always tell me I should become a teacher because of how much I enjoyed sharing knowledge. I really enjoy teaching people who are genuinely interceded in learning what I’m teaching. There’s a certain satisfaction and proud feeling that comes with knowing you helped someone learn.


As you can imagine, there are countless moments and I could write a book on all of them, but these are some good ones to start with. Remember to share a few of your own moments that make you smile by commenting below.


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Stay Strong,


Clinton N. Downs

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