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So.. The BIG QUESTION is – What is a success?

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Success is subjective to an individual’s personal definition of the term. What I’ve noticed is a lot of people know this, but they don’t know themselves enough to know how to define success for themselves. Mainstream media has defined what success is for so long (money, fame, sex, luxury cars, homes, and lavish expenses) that people forgot about what makes themselves happy. Do you really want the fame that some celebrities have where you can’t get a coffee without photos, articles, scrutiny, judgment, and criticism being a part of your order? I know I don’t.
So, again I ask, “What is a success?”
When I ask myself, “Am I successful?” I answer yes. Why though? I’m not famous, I’m not ridiculously rich, I don’t have exotic cars, I don’t have a mansion, and I don’t wear shirts that cost over $12 (I can not justify spending more than $12 on a shirt… I mean, for what?). I say, “Yes, I’m successful.” because I’m happy. I have an intelligent and beautiful wife, I have two adorable, smart, and funny children, I have a good day job, and I’m actively pursuing multiple passions of mine (eBOOK AVAILABLE THIS OCTOBER). I’m very happy with my life. Who in this world can tell me I am not successful? Only people who gauge success to someone else’s standards. My standards, regardless of what anyone thinks of them, are my standards.
Now, when I ask you, “Are you successful?” what’s your answer? What’s your definition of success? Do you believe you have to reach the same status of pro athletes, live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, or be a billionaire business owner? Your definition of success is your choice, but I have to ask 2 more questions: “Where did you adopt your beliefs on success from?” and “How do your beliefs on success make you feel?” Today’s media, music, movies, video games, and societal norms don’t do us any favors. In fact, they give us false standards to adopt into the belief system that leaves us with an empty void and a constant pursuit for validation. It’s a terrible concept but a raw reality nonetheless.
Let’s talk about it.

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Who fits our idea of success? Jimmy Fallon? Jay-Z? Diddy? Emma Stone? Jennifer Aniston? Brad Pit? Mark Zuckerberg? Bill Gates? Donald Trump? Warren Buffet? Jeff Bezos? Carlos Slim Helu? And who told you these people are successful? Quora? Forbes? XXL? The Muse? INC? LifeHack? Instagram? YouTube?
I’m not going to sit here and say you’re wrong for believing in something, that’s just simply not my place to say. But, I will encourage you to question your beliefs as a way to analyze them. It’s extremely important to form beliefs because it’s what you truly believe in and not because it is what others believe in. Aside from that, what makes you happy? Think about the things that make you most happy. Are you living and experiencing happiness? Have you achieved it yet or are you working towards it? If you aren’t, why not? You see, my life isn’t perfect, but I can say I’m happy with my life and I will continue to work towards making improvements. With that said, my life is still a success overall. One thing doesn’t disqualify me and mark me as a failure. Someone else’s opinion doesn’t mark me as a failure either. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn that happiness equals success in life and not the other way around.
It was challenging for me when I first started ClintFit Consulting and branded IamClintFit. I started at rock bottom, and if I compare myself to someone like Richard Branson, I’m nowhere close to success. But if I compare myself to where I was in 2016, 2015, 2014, etc… I’m super successful because it’s all a matter of perspective. Your perception and expectations when it comes to success will determine whether you view yourself as a success or as a failure. Give it some thought and really ask yourself, “Am I living to meet my own standards or someone else’s?” 
I hope this helps for any of you who are as hard on yourself as I am on myself. We can be our own worst enemy or we can be our own hero. The choice is our own and it’s an important choice to make. Feel free to comment on your experiences and contact me for a chance to be part of my next YouTube vlog video through Google Hangouts.

Stay Strong,

Clinton N. Downs

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