Sorrow and Solice for Sgt. John Johnson

Hey everyone. I’d like to take the time and use today’s piece to extend my condolences to the families of John Johnson and his wife, Heidi. John Johnson was a retired police sergeant for Townsend Police Department of Townsend, MA. He served about 40 years on the department and was retired for only about 4 months when him and his wife were in a fatal, head-on collision with a drink driver that made a wrong U-turn going the wrong direction.

Lowell Sun article by Scott Shurtleff

In this article and news clip by CBS 4 local news coverage with Katie Brace, Sgt Johnson used to specialize in accident reconstruction. And, the driver who struck Sgt Johnson’s vehicle has had prior charges for driving under the influence. When I learned about had happened, I felt awful about it. Here’s a guy who gives about 40 years to a community and barely gets to enjoy retirement with his wife before his work turned around and became his demise. I’m struggling to find the words to express how unfair, unkind, and dark that is. It reminded me of how unforgiving life can be sometimes. Obituary for John and Heidi Johnson

With the way it all turned out, I’m a bit short on words but I wanted to send my condolences out anyways. I guess the takeaway from this for me is to cherish your time while you’re here, love your family, and be kind and considerate to others because life is short, the small things aren’t important in the big picture, and there’s no telling when it’s time to go.

R.I.P Sgt John Johnson and wife Heidi Johnson.

Stay Strong,



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