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My name is Clinton Downs and I’m a writer, speaker, and lifestyle coach.
I sell digital products and offer speaking services on lifestyle development and management.
I created a system that addresses 7 key areas of life that all humans deal with on a daily basis, regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, age, or sexual orientation. My system redirects a person to focus on health, real priorities, and aspirations.

The 7 modules of A Living System are:

1. Nutrition (Facts that will make you eat better.)
2. Physical Activity (You’ll be shocked to see it’s not all fitness.)
3. Relationships (Can we guess who’s who to who?)
4. Neuroplasticity (We can guess, or we can know!)
5. Habitual Thinking (This will give you goosebumps.)
6. Vision & Goals (Living for what melts your heart.)
7. Autonomy & Action (A surprising reason for your current conditions.)

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