A Night of Clairvoyance


 I see it as if it’s already happened. I can see exactly how it all looks, how it’s designed, how it all feels, how it all smells. I can feel the ground beneath me as if I’m there. It’s as if it were a moment of clairvoyance my subconscious had been waiting for me to unveil.

 As I sat frozen in this  state of extrasensory perception, I became increasingly aware of the “why” behind my vision. Thinking from a future perspective, I’ve always desired to help people improve their lives, protect people from the evil of this world, and provide a community of refuge. I thought of my wife and children and how much I love them and wanted to protect them. I thought of other children, their mothers, and the men who were husbands and fathers to those women and children. I even thought of my dog in that moment.

It wasn’t about having the best body or being the most elite businessman. Instead it had everything to do with what I could offer and how I could contribute to the world to make it better. Suddenly, my vision didn’t seem so unattainable, my goals didn’t feel far fetched. This doesn’t just feel possible, it feels inevitable!

 I’m 33 now. I’ll be 34 in October and my message to you is this:

Your life has purpose. It has immense meaning behind it and I encourage you to discover that purpose if you haven’t done so already. You won’t believe the power you’ll feel the moment you realize what your purpose in this world is. And it doesn’t matter at what age this occurs, there’s no deadline or cutoff point for you to find purpose and meaning. Keep going, and don’t let anyone tell you when to stop.


 It was 1:03 AM and I had been working on my legacy work for about 4 hours now. The ideas are pouring in and I’m documenting everything. I realized then that these were the moments in that present time that were creating the vision I now see all too clearly.

 Stay Strong,

ClintFit Consulting™

© 2017 Clinton N. Downs

My Why Video

My Why video was made prior to my daughter being born. I’m overdue for a remake that includes her. But that’s the beauty of life and A Living System, they grow, change, and evolve. Hope you’re enjoying my blog column, YouTube Channel, Facebook posts, and Instagram feed. Stay strong!

Written by Clinton Downs

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