“I’ve always had a passion for teaching others and I’ve discovered there are 7 key areas to every person’s life. Through this discovery, I’ve developed a 7 module system called A Living System™The benefit of my system is the versatility behind my approach, where each adjustment makes long lasting improvements that lead to fuller, more satisfying lives.” – Clinton N. Downs

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The IamClintFit Movement™ is a cause dedicated towards helping individuals achieve balance and stability in their lives through the use of  A Living System™. This 7 module system is based on 7 strategic fundamentals of life that help individuals build a sustainable foundation for living, with the freedom for growth.

I, Clinton N. Downs, am focused on changing the world by leading its people and reshaping the culture.​​ The IamClintFit Movement™ is designed to help create a community of leaders and a culture where compassion is at the core of humanity.

​The modules in A Living System™ are:

Nutrition Physical ActivityRelationshipsNeuroplasticity

Habitual Thinking  | Vision & GoalsAutonomy & Action




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  1. […] tailed, with the captivated audience of my dog, I practiced my speaking. I started going through A Living System™, one module at a time. I felt focused, determined, and productive. In that moment, I was working […]