I remember being young and struggling with insecurities, self-doubt, and an overall belief that I was weak and unworthy. It was tough. I was depressed, anxious, scared most of the time , and felt like an outsider. I went through periods of time where I’d find a way to “be cool” by playing sports as a kid, breakdancing as a teenager, and then going out for drinks and partying as a young adult. Those were fun times but it wasn’t enough. It was in my late 20’s when I began to figure out my life’s purpose and discovered what truly mattered to me and most people.

As any average person like me, you may have had your share of struggles in life. That feeling of uncertainty and disarray… it’s not fun, and it’s no way to go living life. I always felt in my heart of hearts there was a better way of living. But how?

Many years of researching qualities, attributes, choices, and behavior helped me unscramble the everlasting ambiguity of life’s greatest mystery: What is our purpose? And, I believe our overall purpose is to live free, be healthy, be happy, and have an abundance of love flowing through each and everyday. Imagine tribe-like communities of people all operating on a fundamental foundation of living that keeps us healthy, strong, happy, and loving all year round.

Cutting carbs, eating high protein, and working out is great, but there’s so much more to life. Fitness and nutrition are only slices to the pie. I was a nationally certified personal trainer and I loved to help people get into shape, but there was more.

Leveraging exercise is excellent for your physical, mental, and emotional health. There’s no doubt about it! I outsourced my fitness and nutrition to Kinobody so I could focus on other modules that are important to me.

I am the privileged husband to my beautiful wife and the lucky father to our 2 amazing children. Module 3 of A Living System™ is about relationships. Marriage and parenthood has taught me a great deal on the important of relationships, particularly family.

Neuroplasticity is covered in Module 4 of A Living System™ and it’s about how the brain learns and creates neurological pathways that are formed through learning. This applies to you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Today I am a new man and it’s because of the application of neuroplasticity to form new patterns of thinking. I cover this in Module 5 of A Living System™. Forming new patterns of thought can get you out of the negative habitual thinking and into a new world of possibilities where anything is possible. Most changes start internally, meaning you begin to make changes in yourself and in your life by changing your mindset.

Figuring this all out can be overwhelming and just straight daunting. Because of this I cover the importance of your life’s vision and your goals in Module 6 of A Living System™, because having individual purpose makes life much more worth living.

Interestingly enough, there’re 2 secret ingredient to this recipe that bring it all together. The secret is Autonomy & Action which I cover in Module 7 of A Living System™. Without these 2 ingredients, the system fails and does nothing for you or your life.

Thanks to my system I’ve been able to transform from a weak, depressed, anxious child into a strong, happy, loving adult and all it took was developing a lifestyle foundation based on the fundamentals in each module of A Living System™. And I want to share it with you because it isn’t fair for anyone to aimlessly try to figure life out when I have the power to help.

I don’t want you to live through the unnecessary angst, sadness, anxiety, and feelings of being lost in this world. So, let me help you by being part of your support system. Send me an email through my contact page if you’re going through something and need someone to talk to; DM, comment, or mention me on Instagram (@iamclintfit); and subscribe to my blog and get a coupon code for 20% off my ebook.

I look forward to meeting all of you.

Stay Strong,


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