Bodies is a unique fitness platform that connects trainers, fitness locations and users together to empower the freedom to workout anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.


Clinton’s Ambassador Profile

Use code: iamc-312

Bodies operates a mobile and web-based fitness platform (“Bodies Platform”) where it facilitates the scheduling of fitness sessions with coaches, places, and those interested in working out (“Clients”).

My role as an Influencer Ambassador is solely to promote and market the Bodies Platform to his/her fans, followers, and audiences with the goal of attracting prospective new users interested in booking, teaching, or hosting fitness sessions through the Bodies Platform, registering them as Clients, and receiving a percentage of the completed fitness sessions booked by those individuals.

Simply put, as an Ambassador, I help promote the BODIESAPP to connect clients, coaches, and hosts. I feel good about assisting another business with making the world a healthier, more connected place.


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Every sessions counts.

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