What sparks your flame? Desire is the inner drive humans possess when they want something. There's a certain passion, enthusiasm, and driving force that comes from within when we have a desire This something can be anything from a new car or home, a new position at work or career change. It can also  be a need for safety, security, recognition, or affiliation. Desire is the fuel for any goal in which we wish to achieve.

But how do we identify our desires? One of the best ways I've come to identify desires for myself, and for others, is by paying attention to what you need. Pay attention to your behaviors and what the purpose of your actions are. Do you find yourself cleaning your home, work space, and car often? Perhaps you have a desire for organization, structure, and purity in your life. Do you seem to eat clean, workout often, dress well and maintain your grooming? You may have a desire to be recognized, acknowledged, or praised. Our needs and our desires are closely related, and what we desire does not always take the form of traditional success or material items.

Whatever your desire is, own it. It's yours. And remember to reflect on your feelings after obtaining your desires to begin your personal growth and self discovery. Growth and discovery is a lifelong process and it changes as we evolve. Yesterday might have been a well paying job, today might be an investment home, and tomorrow may be about family. Observe yourself and learn the art of deciphering your desires so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Stay Strong,

Clinton N. Downs

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