Have you ever found yourself working on something simple, like folding your laundry for instance, and before you finished folding the laundry, you’re on to something else? And then you later return and think to yourself, “Ugh, I still have all this laundry to take care of. Why do I do this to myself?!” That’s because it’s easy to become distracted and not go back to finish what you started.

We tend to take the same approach with life goals. We begin working towards a degree, working towards a desired job, working towards starting a business, or it happens when we take on a new fitness or nutrition plan. We loose focus. We stray from our original course of action. Then, after a period of time, we think to our-self, “I should have never stopped. I could have been don’t with this by now!”.

Now, give yourself some slack. It’s one thing to take a few days to a week off from a goal and then get back on track However, I’m referring to taking weeks to months, even years off from working towards your goal(s). Of course, there are many reasons why we stray, but there tend to be even more excuses as to why we don’t go back.

Overcome the urge to excuse yourself because the art of empowerment is the quintessential of self preservation.

A long lost method of discipline is empowering yourself to do what needs to be done in order to reach a desired outcome. My first publication in my column was about desire and I mentioned identifying your true desires. This is about following through with what needs to be done to fulfill your desire. It’s about remembering why you started and using that energy to focus and power your drive.

So, whether you’re folding laundry or starting a business, remember why you started, stay on track, take a break if you need, and then get back in there and finish strong! You’ll thank yourself when you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor later.

Stay strong,

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Written by Clinton Downs

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