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A Living System • Module 3: Relationships

When you think of relationships I want you to think of who you are connected with. Think of all the people in your life that have some impact on you in some form or another. 

Then ask yourself, “Are they good for me?”, “Am I good for them?”, “Do I invest enough time and energy into these relationships?”, “Are these relationships fulfilling?”. 

As you answer these questions, it’ll start to become clear whether you’re spending enough quality time with the people in your life you have relationships with. Depending on your goals (Module 6), you may need to readjust your time management and priorities to restore more of a balance in your life.

Take your time through my system and give yourself the opportunity to evaluate where you are now and where your ideal is. This is called a “gap analysis”. Be humbled by your findings because if there is a lot of work to be done then that means there is much room for improvement and growth. 

Remember, where you are now does not determine where you can be. Your way of thinking (Module 5) will determine where you will be. Take control of your thoughts to provoke the right actions and you’ll begin to feel better and see amazing things start to happen in your life. 

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