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So, in the spirit of love and generosity, I’m giving away The Basic Six – IamClintFit Guide. That’s right, giving it away, as in for free!


For a few of reasons…

  1. The month of May is the month of the year that I work hardest for.
  2. The month of May is when the weather starts to really turn around here in New England, and more people start to get physically active. So I want to give away this incredible guide to help people get off to the right start.
  3. The month of May hosts the holiday for all mothers and being a husband and a father, I understand how much work mother’s put in all year round. This is an opportunity for us men to give a wonderful guide to any moms who would like to get started and be more fit. It also is an opportunity for me to help any of you moms who would like to begin your fitness journey and don’t know where to start.


So, if you know of anyone who’d be interested in a copy of their own copy of
The Basic Six – IamClintFit Guide, share the link below and send them this way!



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