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Hey everyone! Thanks for reading. A few housekeeping topics before I jump right in.

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Now, for the fun stuff…. CrossFit!

My wife and I just joined CrossFit Pepperell in Massachusetts. The place is great. It’s small enough where you get to know the owners and other members yet big enough where there’s plenty of space to work and a wide variety of workouts. It’s got one of those Rogue Rigs for pull-ups and rope climbing, the green turf for all sorts of movements, rowing machines, fan bikes, and lots of weight! BARS BABY!!

Before this, I was going to Planet Fitness because of its low price, close proximity to home, and had the minimum amount of equipment for me to carry out my journey on the Greek God Program by Kinobody. Speaking of which, for those asking, “So, are you done with Kinobody now that you’re doing CrossFit?“. No, I am not done with Kinobody, I’m still on the Greek God Program, and I’m still an affiliate marketer for Kinobody (aka a Kino Gladiator). Click here for links to the Kinobody Physique Quiz, programs, and products. .

Back to CrossFit.

Starting yesterday (09/16/2019) my wife and I joined CrossFit Pepperell’s Fall Nutrition Challenge. If you stick to it, you win prizes throughout the 6 weeks and the final winners get $200 in the end. It’s done in teams of two so naturally my wife and I are a team. My wife really wants to kick her fitness and eating habits into gear so this challenge is a great way for her to feel a sense of accountability without guilt and unnecessary pressure. I’m playing a supportive role in this which helps her not feel alone and I feel like a good husband (BROWNIE POINTS!). Personally, this challenge is going to kick my discipline into gear. I’m not a terrible eater for the most part. I do binge eat snacks sometimes and often finish the kids’ plates after meals but other than that I don’t eat all that bad. The discipline however is going to be the most beneficial part of this 6 week challenge. It’s going to take me out of my comfort zone and force me to use more self control and really master my emotions. I’m excited to get back in line with my personal mastery.

As for the workouts at CrossFit… KILLER!

And I mean that in a good way. The workouts are strength based and always packed with cardio and conditioning. It uses a lot of Olympic lifts which are extremely compound and taxing. By taxing I mean you use a lot of energy, the lifts and workouts aren’t dangerous nor do you risk injury. I’ve heard a lot of people say CrossFit gets you hurt. No, in fact it’s the opposite. Everyone has the option to scale down the weight or do a modified version of the exercise. The people who get hurt are the ones that try to do too much for their own good. It’s the individual not the brand.

I’ve digressed. Back to the workouts…. My biggest challenge with the workouts is the conditioning. My cardio isn’t all that great, but I started working on it earlier this summer 2019 by running during my lunch breaks and now that I’m in CrossFit, I get plenty of cardio. The fatigue factor is another challenge. This comes from the lack of conditioning on my part (which is improving). The thing about the fatigue factor is after doing a few rounds of say 3-5 different exercises, you’re fatigued! This makes the rest of the rounds and movements seem way harder than they did at first. Remember those people who get hurt? They probably chose a weight that was fine while they were fresh, but then they got fatigued and couldn’t handle the weight anymore and they got hurt.

CrossFit has an Rx weight which is the prescribed weight for the workout. If the prescribed weight is 135 lbs and I know I’m not ready for that, I’ll go down to 115 lbs or even lighter if the workout involves a lot of cardio because I know I’ll be fatigued halfway through. I scale it so I can keep moving and working even when I’m tired.

I’ve already lost about 7 pounds and my mid section is looking tighter. My favorite part of CrossFit is the conditioning. It sucks because it’s hard as hell but I love it because it’s my weak point. My wife talked me into joining with her because she loves the class setting and now that I’m in it I love it. I’m still doing the Greek God Program for my straight-forward lifting which I do on my own time. I’ve been working on my pull-ups, ring dips (which are extremely hard!), and my overhead press. I use the same heavy weight, reverse pyramid training that’s recommended in the Greek God Program and find this style of training to be very effective for building a great physique.

Overall, I think the combination of Kinobody and CrossFit are perfect for building a great body and being athletic. My wife signed us up for adult league softball on Saturday afternoons and I am dominating! The crazy thing about it is it feels easy to me and it’s because I’m in good shape.

So, I hope you liked this blog post and learned a little from it. I say you should try CrossFit and Kinobody to see for yourself if they work and produce results. If you’re already doing something that works, stick to it and keep grinding!

Thanks for reading!

Stay Strong,


Written by Clinton Downs

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