No, I'm not talking about plastic models of your brain. Neuroplasticity is the beautiful feature of our brain that allows us to form synaptic connections. You might be wondering, "Well, what are synaptic connections and why do I care?". You care because these little connections help create the "wiring network" inside your brain that you may know as your memory.

You see, as you perform a task repetitively your brain fires off an impulse from your motor cortex and sends that impulse along neurons (the wires) in your brain. The connection from one neuron to another is the synaptic connection. This bridges the gap between one neuron and another so the impulse signal is able to reach its destination, such as a voluntary muscle movement for example.

You also have the myelin sheath. Have you ever heard the saying, "Repitition is the father of learning" and "Practice makes perfect"? Well, this holds true because the more you repeat an impulse, the stronger it gets. The myelin sheath is the insulation around your neurons that protects and helps the impulse that is sent by your motor cortex. It's similar to the rubber casing around an extension cord, the wiring inside the cord is your neuron, and the impulse is the electricity. The thicker the cord, the higher the currency capacity.

The more you fire off an impulse, the better that impulse gets at traveling through its pathway. That's why you can build precision and increase your aim with throwing a dart by practicing. You repeat the impulse and create "muscle memory". This also applies to cognitive performance like learning a language or thinking positively and optimistically.

The road to mastery, skill sets, talent, and abilities are all based on neuroplasticity. It's a science and anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can become good at anything.

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Clinton N. Downs

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