ClintFit Consulting is home of A Living System ™ and the IamClintFit ™ brand.

I offer coaching services to groups as workshops or seminars, speaking services for events, and individual clients interested in my program.
It’s all based on A Living System, the system I created for building a healthy lifestyle.

I address 7 key areas of life that all humans deal with on a daily basis, regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, age, etc.

The 7 modules of A Living System are:
1. Nutrition
2. Physical Activity
3. Relationships
4. Neuroplasticity (the process of learning)
5. Habitual Thinking (the process of thought, perception, and perspective)
6. Vision & Goals
7. Autonomy & Action

For groups, workshops, seminars, and events, I can deliver a workshop in a 1 hour presentation that quickly covers all of the modules, or I can deliver a 30-60 minute presentation on each modules at a time. The duration varies depending on the venue, audience, and availability.

For individual clients, I can coach you through my entire system or focus on one specific module. Coaching sessions are typically run for one hour. Online coaching is available.

For pricing, contact me HERE.

For autodidacts (self taught individuals), shop my digital products HERE.


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