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Let's be candid, humans need to move. Physical activity is one of my 7 modules in A Living System and in human life. It's actually number 2, and for good reason. Movement, physical activity, fitness, or in clinic settings, ambulation; is vital for several reasons but the number one reason is circulation.

 When your muscles contract during movement, they squeeze venous blood vessels and move blood along the cardiovascular highway that brings blood to and from the body and heart. Remember, arteries carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart and to the body, while veins bring blood back to the heart from the body.

Movement also helps prevent blood from pooling in extremities, particularly the lower extremities, and increases the overall flow of blood throughout the body. In addition, movement increases the heart rate and respiration rate.

 Now, the body will work harder to meet the demands of physical activity as the intensity of the movement increases. To reap the benefits of physical activity without dedicating too much time to athletic training, start with walking. A simple walk will provide you with low intensity work for you body that will keep the juices flowing.

 Start slow and work your way up to the physical activity level you desire. Nobody ever wakes up one day and runs a marathon without training, and no one said you have to train for a marathon.

 Stay strong,

 Clinton N. Downs

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Written by Clinton Downs

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