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The weekends are often a time when you take your time and freedom to do what makes you most happy. This is different for everyone but the end goal is typically the same: Enjoy your time.

I couldn’t agree more. For the majority of adults who work a full time job or have a full time business, your time off is precious. I mean, how often you find yourself going through the motions of the daily grind of a weekday thinking, “I can’t wait for Friday”?

Usually I’d then challenge your belief on what you find acceptable in life and ask why you continue to work a job you don’t like, wait for the two days off you have out of the week, and then repeat. But today, I’m taking a different approach. Instead of finding external change to make you more internally satisfied, let’s find an internal change that will make your external factors more tolerable at the least.

When you get home from work on Friday, what do you feel? Happy that the work week is over? Glad to be home? Ready to go out? But are you happy with your home? Be it an apartment, a small house, a big house, whatever… do you like being home? I’ve noticed that some people are not happy with their home. And it may not be the colors of the wall, the flooring, the furniture, or the house itself. It’s the “home” isn’t right.

Take a minute of your precious time to ask yourself this one question, “What will make this a better home?” Then start on the first thing that comes to mind. If it’s laundry, do your laundry. If it’s cleaning the bathroom, clean the bathroom. If it’s the fact that your bored at home, engage in a hobby you enjoy. I started restoring old bicycles that people give away, and I started cooking a little more and setting a dinner table for the family. Since my wife and I have a two year old and a five month old, our dinner table is the little race car folding table and chairs made for toddlers, but it’s still nice to sit together as a family.

My wife and I have been cleaning up the yard more and more every weekend and we are feeling a lot better about being home than we used to. We’re starting to see our property in a different light. We envision a swing set and slide, a sandbox, a new fence, a new patio, a balcony outside of our bedroom, and a lot of family memories to be made.

To be happy in life, you have to start with yourself. Eat right, get moving, keep loving relationships, learn something new everyday, look at things in a new life, work towards an ideal, and choose to carry on. Sometimes the answers to all your questions aren’t hidden somewhere on treasure island, they’re right under your nose.

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