As an adviser, coach, and speaker I offer an array of services including:

  • Nutritional Advising

  • Fitness Training

  • Personal Development Coaching for Human Potential

  • Keynote & Motivational Speaking

  • Seminar Hosting

Please see below for a description of each service.

Fitness Training

Need a trainer to get you into shape? Purchase an online program with unlimited email support or meet with me 1 on 1 or in group settings if you’re in the MA/NH area.

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  • Cardiovascular Training for sprints, long distance, or hybrid cardio training.
  • Muscle Mass Training for Muscle Gains.
  • Strength Training for Power Lifting and Overall Strength.
  • Cross Training for Overall Athletic Performance.
  • Beginner Training for those who are just getting started.
  • Plyometric Circuit Training for Weight Loss and Toning.


Nutritional Advising

The old saying, “You are what you eat.” holds truth to it. Learn how the foods you put into your body effect your quality of life and learn ways to make improvements and healthier choices.

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  • Portion Control Awareness.
  • Learn what Macronutrients are and Why They’re Important.
  • Hydration and the Human Body
  • Caloric Intake Manipulation.


Personal Development Coaching for Human Potential

Quality of life has become a prominent topic overlapping in many fields such as medicine, mental health, fitness, business, and personal life. I’ve focused my life’s work on developing a systematic lifestyle program that maintain’s the fundamental foundation for living, so you can focus on your passions and the things that truly bring joy to your life.

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  • Increase Confidence, Self Esteem, and Self Image.
  • Enhance Social Skills.
  • Improved Diet and Physical Activity.
  • Revive and Restore Relationship Building Skills.
  • Identify Life Goals: Short Term & Long Term
  • Become Empowered with Your Own Capabilities.
  • Learn All the Secrets to A Living System ™
  • Get Full Access to all of the Material to A Living System ™
  • Get a Complimentary Copy of “May, I Work For You” my eBook.


Keynote and Motivational Speaking
& Seminar Hosting

My keynotes and seminars may last between 60 minutes to 2 hours. Your audience can expect a wholehearted realization into one’s true potential and an opportunity to network with new people.

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  • Nutrition – You’re effected by what you put in body.
  • Physical Activity – The importance of movement.
  • Relationships – Learn how the people in your life impact your life’s quality.
  • Neuroplasticity – There’s a science to learning.
  • Habitual Thinking – Become aware of the flow of your thoughts.
  • Vision & Goals – Identify what you want out of life.
  • Autonomy & Action – The not-so-secret ingredients.



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