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I’m Teaching Spring of ’18

Hello Everyone! Thanks for reading!

I’ve teamed up with the School of Continuing Education at Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School District to teach two, maybe three, night classes in the Spring of 2018!

Each class is a 7 week course held at Monty Tech. Once the Spring 2018 Course Catalog is released I’ll post an update for you to get more information.

Stay Tuned!


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A Living System™ Grows

Welcome back to ClintFit Consulting™ and thanks for reading my blog column. If you’re new to ClintFit Consulting™, I want to extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting my site and blog column.

In case you don’t already know what A Living System™ is, “it’s a systematic lifestyle based on 7 strategic fundamentals. A Living System™ helps people build a sustainable foundation for life, with freedom for growth.

The crux to A Living System™ is in the last four words, “with freedom for growth“. When I was developing the system, I wanted a set of guidelines to follow that also allowed me to move beyond the margins. I didn’t want constraints in place that would limit my lifestyle. I wanted all of life’s options available to me, and when I released this to the world, I wanted everyone to reap the same benefits, no matter which gender, race, culture, or religion they were.

I managed to identify 8 areas in life that everyone (and I mean everyoneexperiences, and often times struggles with. I only speak on, teach, train, and coach 7 of them because I’m simply not qualified to do so on the 8th area.

The 7 modules are:

1. Nutrition (Video)

2. Physical Activity (Video)

3. Relationships (Video)

4. Neuroplasticity (Video)

5. Habitual Thinking (Video)

6. Vision & Goals (Video)

7. Autonomy & Action (Video)

The 8th is Finance, which I’m not educated nor experienced enough in to be a subject matter expert on.

My best advice on finances is this: generate more than one line of income, love beneath your means, pay yourself first, carry no debt for as long as you can, maintain excellent credit, and invest somehow.

As for A Living System™ and its 7 modules, I’ve got you covered from start to finish. And the best part of the system… it grows with you as you grow.

As you eating habits change and evolve, the fundamentals behind A Living System™ adapt to keep you in line with your nutrition goals. As your physical activity improves and/or increases, module 2 maintains its significance as part of the system. As your relationships grow and change, the foundation for module 3 stand the test of time through a lifetime.

The rest of the modules behave the same way. Some people only grow in age, but never in these 7 areas of life. That’s why I put together this system. I went through a lot of struggles, heartache, frustration, confusion, angst, set backs, and barely made it through most of it without coming close to ruining my life. When I finally figured out a way to establish and maintain some balance in my life, I started sharing it with the patients at the hospital I worked at as a mental health counselor. The system worked like a charm and the fog started to clear for most of these individuals.

My purpose now is to spread A Living System™ through the IamClintFit Movement™. I’m going to change individuals, one at a time, until it spreads to their families, friends, communities, society, and eventually worldwide. I’d rather live a life of purpose geared towards improving the world than to focus on just myself.

I changed inside when my mother died from cancer, when I first met my wife, and when we had our first child together. Now we have two little nuggets of joy. When I became a father, I knew I had to change more than ever before and try to create a world that I would want my children to grow up in. Hence the IamClintFit Movement™.

So, if you’re with me on this movement and want to start right where you are, follow my blog column, my YouTube Channel, and my social media and lets spread this movement together and make the world a better place to live in!

Thanks for reading.

Stay Strong,

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Physical Activity

Let's be candid, humans need to move. Physical activity is one of my 7 modules in A Living System and in human life. It's actually number 2, and for good reason. Movement, physical activity, fitness, or in clinic settings, ambulation; is vital for several reasons but the number one reason is circulation.

 When your muscles contract during movement, they squeeze venous blood vessels and move blood along the cardiovascular highway that brings blood to and from the body and heart. Remember, arteries carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart and to the body, while veins bring blood back to the heart from the body.

Movement also helps prevent blood from pooling in extremities, particularly the lower extremities, and increases the overall flow of blood throughout the body. In addition, movement increases the heart rate and respiration rate.

 Now, the body will work harder to meet the demands of physical activity as the intensity of the movement increases. To reap the benefits of physical activity without dedicating too much time to athletic training, start with walking. A simple walk will provide you with low intensity work for you body that will keep the juices flowing.

 Start slow and work your way up to the physical activity level you desire. Nobody ever wakes up one day and runs a marathon without training, and no one said you have to train for a marathon.

 Stay strong,

 Clinton N. Downs

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