The IamClintFit Movement ™

I believe in people. Despite the bad events that happen in life, I believe that at the end of everyday, we all hang on to faith in humanity.

Let’s work together a spread positivity in our communities and create a loving and compassionate support system for each other.

Donate $1 towards the IamClintFit Movement ™ and let’s change the world.

All donations go towards spreading A Living System ™ and providing support, training, and coaching to our brothers and sisters who need a little guidance to help get back on track.

Donate $1 here

Written by Clinton Downs

My name is Clinton Downs and I’m the author of “May, I Work For You”, a book about the system I created and my experiences with it. Be sure to sign up for my free blog, follow me on social media, and check out the Kinobody programs, as we march towards a lifestyle of health, strength, happiness, and love.

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