Wavering Moments

It’s May 2017. The rain has finally let up and the weather is starting to feel like a truly warm Spring. The grass is freshly cut, the trees have leaves, and New England doesn’t feel like the latest Ice Age anymore. Good energy is in the air and the world is a happy place.

That is until life gives a tidal wave dose of reality and your 3 week old daughter is up all night because she’s gassy and can’t seem to get comfortable, you’re wife hasn’t slept and you feel guilty, you’re getting interrupted sleep and still need to be up by 5:00 AM to get ready for work, and as you’re leaving your 2 year old son clings on to you like you’re about to walk out the kitchen door for the last time.

This just a taste of what life can offer. Albeit, there’s a brighter side. During these wavering moments, there are ways to keep you balanced in such an unsteady sea of responsibility.

As you walk out the kitchen door and your heart implodes on itself while your son cries, it’s important to talk to yourself. You might think, “I hate trading my time in exchange for money! I’d rather be with my children.” And as respectable as that notion is, you exchange your time for money so your family has a house to call home and food to sustain life, which all provide safety for your family and their well-being.

This same approach can be applied to most circumstances and it’s called perspective. Step 5 of my 7&7 System is about a person’s thought process and habitual thinking. Most people either habitually think with a positive perspective or a negative perspective. This becomes a habit that was formed at some point in a person’s life. As instilled as this may appear to be, your process of thinking can be changed. Meaning, you can change your perspective with practice. With time, this adjustment can begin to change your core beliefs and prove extremely beneficial to your over all health.

So when finances are tight and you can’t afford expensive outings, going to the playground turns out to be a fantastic time. The kids can play, you can join, and you can even squeeze in a calisthenic workout during play. You can forget the gym membership fees and be a great parent to your kids at the same time. Now you’re achieving two goals in a single action. Save money, be an awesome parent, and get in a workout. Look at you with the triple win!

Life may come in waves, but teaching yourself to surf can make all the difference in the world. Remember to eat right, move your body, love your loved ones, keep learning, consider your perspective, have a vision and set goals, and then take on your day as the captain to your ship-of-life!

Stay Strong,

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© 2017 Clinton N. Downs

Written by Clinton Downs

My name is Clinton Downs and I’m the author of “May, I Work For You”, a book about the system I created and my experiences with it. Be sure to sign up for my free blog, follow me on social media, and check out the Kinobody programs, as we march towards a lifestyle of health, strength, happiness, and love.

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