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ClintFit Consulting™ is changing the world by leading its people. Owner,Clinton N. Downs, has taken his vision to the next level and is reshaping the culture. 


The IamClintFit Movement™ was designed to create a community of leaders and a culture where compassion is its focal point.


By educating, coaching, training, and developing individual clients, a ripple effect spreads into their relationships. This in turn improves the quality of families and households, friendships, professional relationships, businesses, communities, regions, and ultimately society as a whole.


A Living System™ is a systematic lifestyle based on 7 strategic fundamentals. A Living System™ helps people build a sustainable foundation for life, with freedom for growth. 


The modules in A Living System™ teach each of the 7 strategic fundamentals. The modules are:

  1. Nutrition

  2. Physical Activity

  3. Relationships

  4. Neuroplasticity

  5. Habitual Thinking

  6. Vision & Goals

  7. Autonomy & Action

Written by Clinton Downs

My name is Clinton Downs and I’m the author of “May, I Work For You”, a book about the system I created and my experiences with it. Be sure to sign up for my free blog, follow me on social media, and check out the Kinobody programs, as we march towards a lifestyle of health, strength, happiness, and love.

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