What I learned from teaching…

I have a tendency to do a lot of reflecting. I guess it’s the analyst in me that tends to replay my life’s experiences and find the lessons to be learned. I really enjoy this too. My most recent realization was a repeat realization that continues to bring me confirmation that I’m pursuing the right goals.

I’m teaching a workshop on bicycle repair and maintenance at Monty Tech Nites and it’s going very well. It’s 1 of the 2 classes I’m teaching. I have a mixture of people from all walks of life in the class and they’re a good bunch. They really like learning how to work on their own bike. They enjoy the hands-on work and the guidance of having an instructor readily available. I also see the positive energy of people coming together and sharing a common goal. It’s a beautiful thing, which gives me hope.

Now, what hit me the hardest while I was reflecting was the last piece: “the positive energy of people coming together and sharing a common goal“.

I’ve noticed that humans find comfort, safety, and a sense of joy when they come together to work on something, even if they’re working on bicycles. The added bonus is having a leader. Many people want a leader, and not because they’re followers, or because they’re too weak to lead, but because a leader reassures you that your journey is headed towards success and not failure.

“Seeing is believing.”

Seeing this confirms my beliefs that what I’m doing with my life is more than worth it. It’s not just good for the population, it’s required. The world needs leaders. No matter the niche, people needs leaders to show them the way, and when they find one, they’ll happily come together and work together. It’s an amazing experience to witness, to be a part of, and a true honor to be a leader of.


Stay Strong,

Clinton N. Downs


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